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Ideas / Problem-Solving 

Structured as a facilitated workshop session focused on generating ideas for new customer / business propositions and business improvement.

Alternately, the opportunity to bring together staff from various parts of the business to concentrate on addressing a particular challenge.   Another opportunity is to be open to ideas from outside, by involving partners, service providers and customers in problem-solving. 

The form of this Workshop Event can be either:

  • specific bespoke session(s) on your premises for 6 – 10 participants.  More information on the method and approach is outlined in:  Facilitation - Fresh Ideas Process

  • a more generic 'ideation' workshop with attendees from several organisations, which take place approximately once a quarter (subject to demand).

This 'Ideas & Problem Solving Workshop'  session can also be viewed as a taster for the opportunities which can be unlocked through embedding an innovation style capability and culture within your organisation. 


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Innovation Workshop

Facilitating Innovation in the Digital Era



Enabling a structured, human-centered approach to shaping new customer proposition and products.



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