Transform your business - be wise in how you use technology

Business is challenging;  the world is changing.  Competitors are utilising emerging technologies to deliver new capabilities and customer propositions.

"It’s no longer just what you do that counts. It’s how you do what you do  and how quickly you can modify your business processes to take on new opportunities and challenges  that’s really important."
- Andy Mulholland, Jon Pyke, and Peter Fingar, “Enterprise Cloud Computing – A Strategy Guide For Business and Technology Leaders”

Often time seems too short to stand back and review how you can drive your business forward using innovation to shape and execute effective transformation programmes that really make a difference to your customers, your revenue streams and the quality of your employees contribution to this journey.

For example, the implications of changes brought about by the rapid advance of consumer technology, digital and cloud-based services, reducing the need for in-house infrastructure and the whole mobile revolution can be dramatically disruptive for organisations, whilst providing great transformational potential, irrespective of turnover and market segment. 

These technology changes also provide the opportunity to reduce internal business processing cost, and those related to the provision of IT services, whilst improving customer-focused service. Or you may be wishing to combine and integrate new capabilities with existing solutions to gain further benefit quickly and achieve the further return from previous investments.

The challenge to be addressed may be around how an organisationeffects appropriate security and risk governance around what is termed ‘Shadow IT’, in which business teams have self-selected their own technical solutions - often as a result of their internal IT function being perceived as not sufficiently responsive to the business colleague’s expectations.  

Re-envisageIT provides tailored consultancy services to help with the review and the shaping of internal and customer facing propositions.  We can help with finding candidate solution providers well suited to support the move to implementation at pace.  

Or, you may be seeking a seasoned technology and change management professional to act as a part-time Mentor and Coach as you develop your business strategy and internal organisation to benefit from this technology change through gaining an external perspective and oversight.

A range of services to help you: 

Consulting Icon
A tailored service to address your priorities and desired outcomes, e.g:
  • Developing digital transformation strategy
  • Shaping change programme and project roadmap
  • Ensuring benefit realisation from technology investments.
Technology Mentoring Icon
Provision of 'On-tap' senior management expertise, to assist you:
  • develop the 'digital' mindset
  • review what digital transformation means in your business context
  • develop the skills of your workforce to be operate in the digital-ecosystem.
Interim Management Icon
Short to medium term service as a senior manager or board-level change-agent to:
  • plug an urgent gap,
  • help define, shape and mobilise a key change programme or critical project
  • or assist driving new ways of working more effectively. 
Ideas Icon
Focused on generating ideas:
  • new customer
  • business propositions
  • business improvement.
Training Icon
Bespoke training service covering one of more of the following topics:
  • Project and Programme Management - Waterfall and Agile
  • Change Management, Programme Governance
  • GDPR, Cyber Resilience and Information Security.
Digital Heath Check
Review of your digital services from an IT and operational perspective, focusing on:
  • the effectiveness of your management controls,
  • processes for system changes and for the introduction of new services,
  • and especially your organisational cyber resilience preparations & information security.

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