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Consulting Services 


A tailored service to address your priorities and desired outcomes.

Providing a short to medium term focus on your most critical issues and opportunities relating to the digital and consumer technology revolution.


This consultancy service can be tailored to meet your specific needs.   It can be shaped to include elements such as:

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Facilitation and Ideation - Bringing together stakeholders, internal and external subject matter experts to produce creative ideas to challenging problems, using a bespoke version of the more general: Ideas Facilitation  

  • Challenging the status quo by encouraging creative freedom for teams to think and operate differently; Championing the customer perspective – optimising the customer experience
  • Developing the Strategy - Synthesising ideas, concepts and insights, analysing the data to form a compelling vision and options for delivery
  • Analysis: Probing and refining candidate ideas and opportunities into practical concepts and options
  • Solution Design – Requirement definition, options analysis, design and costing of a solution / investment programme to address defined business outcomes
  • Mobilisation and Governance - Defining and planning the change programme, effecting appropriate governance and reporting and mobilising implementation. Setting up or aligning the programme governance and programme office capabilities to ensure efficient and agile delivery to time and budget
  • Defining business process and system architectures to ensure alignment between day-to-day business activities and the required IT and to minimise inappropriate duplication and unnecessary costs and business impact
  • Building a collaborative and agile working culture to enable knowledge management supporting operational efficiently and business rhythm.  'Off-the-shelf' collaborative tools help, but ultimately it is about enabling and promoting the appropriate organisational culture and behaviours
  • Creating the environment and tooling to test and validate ideas and proposals to determine feasibility and benefits.

Examples of specific consulting assignments are illustrated below.  Please download and get in touch if these examples resonate with you, or if not, let us know what help you are looking for so that a tailored engagement can be shaped to your requirements.

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Driving Innovation in the Digital Era  ideas lightbulb small  

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