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Provision of 'On-tap' senior management expertise on a call-off arrangement basis - providing an agreed number of general consultancy days to enable support on a range issues and opportunities as they arise.

These call-off days may be used for general purpose discussions about what is happening in the technology industry and the implications on your business.  They can be used to support capability audits or, for instance, to address specific issues or challenges which arise over time.  

For instance, the phrase "Digital Transformation" is increasingly an area of focus for many companies - but do your have the experience to develop and effective and affordable strategy that makes sense to your customers, staff and Board of Directors?

This service is ideal for SME / Commercial organisations without an existing experienced senior IT Manager / IT Specialist.

It is also ideal should your Board and/or Senior Management team are seeking independent expert help to assess and review the opportunities that are available from utilising readily available technology services such as cloud, and/or in applying best practice for effecting and managing change or in seeking to drlve more flexible agile ways of working.

This mentoring services can also be of great value for organisations with small internal IT teams who do not have the resources or broader experience to keep up to date with technology change. They usually benefit greatly by having access to independent expertise to guide and develop their existing capabilities.

Alternatively you may benefit from access on an 'ad-hoc' basis to a well-seasoned senior manager with the proven experience to help assess, guide and train your internal team and to develop their capabilities.  For some organisations the benefit comes from having independent assessment and advice for ensuring that you are getting best value from your existing 3rd party technology suppliers.    The reality for many organisations is that technology costs can be reduced whilst improving service capabilities.  Others struggle with friction and tension between line of business teams and the the IT function - as a result of misaligned objectives and expectations.

Another benefit of this Mentoring Service will be to challenge and enrich your thinking about what is possible - encouraging new approaches to help you grow your business, enable new lines of business, improve customer service, reduce your current operating costs and enable your employees to work more effectively.