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Providing bespoke training services for your team in the following areas:





  • Programme Governance and Programme Management Office (1 day course or 2 day course)


  • GDPR & Information Security (1 day course)


  • Cyber Resilience Planning (1 day course)

As each organisation is different, the first step is to gain clarity on the why and the what of the training needs, by:

  • Identifying the clear business outcomes required from the training
  • The skills and knowledge gaps to be addressed for the delegates
  • The learning characteristics of the training delegates (and in particular if any or some of the anticipated delegates have specific disabilities which may impact how they learn).

This analysis enables the required learning objectives to be defined and the realistic dimensions of the training programme (e.g. duration, cost, time-tabling). It enables critical training success factors to be established for post course measurement.


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