Learning Objectives Course Sections

Why a project is needed and its wider context

The importance of project governance

Understand the project lifecycle and roles within a project

How to plan and to set up a project

How to manage a project

The closing steps of a project

Benefit realisation

How to evaluate the success of a project

The 2-day course adds

How to choose between Linear/Waterfall and iterative and agile and scrum projects

Agile and scrum project roles and responsibilities

  • Project management introduction 

  • The project context 

  • Project roles and responsibilities 

  • Stakeholder management 

  • Project lifecycle frameworks 

  • Project planning 

  • Managing a project 

  • Project Closure and Evaluation


The 2-day version of course allows a more in-depth covering of these topics. 

The course PDF document provides more detail of the subject matter.