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Is brainstorming a good way to generate ideas?

"Brainstorming groups produce more ideas than an individual but fewer and poorer quality ideas than from individuals working separately. In other words, brainstorms dilute the sum of individual efforts." Diehl and Stroebe 1991

Neil Perkins tackles this question, in his blog: Ideas from Anywhere about whether the best ideas are the product of individual inspiration and toil or group effort.

A key point is that the brainstorm mantra that all ideas are worthy prevents the critique and challenge to turn the nub of a good idea into a more developed well-rounded idea that can really succeed. The point is that the notion of an idea as a singular thing is a fundamental flaw and instead what's required is a group behaving creatively - working together to challenge, improve and build on one of more 'half-ideas' for years - as it is the collision of these half-ideas that enables breakthroughs to happen. 

Re-envisageIT provides an innovation framework approach which enable great ideas to surface and then be shaped and developed.

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